Transwell Biotech Co., Ltd.

Howard Lee, Ph.D.,


Howard Lee, Ph.D.

Chemistry, University of Southern California

Dr. Lee is one of the leading biotech investors in Greater China Region. With his insightful knowledge of the industry and winning experiences, Transwell Biotech is making a leap from a domestic start-up to a regional player in the field of regenerative medicine.

I am very optimistic and confident about the core technology of Transwell and market potential of its regenerative medicine products! My objective is bringing Transwell up to the global arena.

Binru She, Ph.D.,


Binru She, Ph.D.

Molecular Biology, Indiana University

Dr. She is a life scientist with a solid career track in both scientific research and biotech product development. Equipped with advanced core technologies, Dr. She leads the technical team of Transwell Biotech to conduct a full-list of tasks throughout the product life cycle of regenerative medicine.

“Advanced technology and rigid quality system are the keys to achieving therapeutic safety and efficacy for medicinal products. Here in Transwell, our technical team is striving to design and develop regulation-compliant products to benefit population-in-need!”