Transwell Biotech Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

Transwell is a biotechnology firm dedicating to R&D of regenerative medicine products. Advanced cell/tissue engineering technology is employed to design and develop proprietary therapeutic or research products.
The aim is to tackle health problems that were difficult to solve before.

Transwell Biotech Co., Ltd.

Major Milestones


Transwell Biotech was founded and registered in Taipei, Taiwan


Signed the “Licensing Agreement” with CHUV/Elanix Inc. (Switzerland)


The first batch of “TWB-103” has been manufactured in the cell factory of ITRI, Taiwan


Obtained IND approvals for TWB-103 from FDA, PMDA and TFDA


Completed Phase I clinical trial – TWB-103 for “donor site wound”, in Taiwan

Transwell Biotech Co., Ltd. Transwell Biotech Co., Ltd.